You’ve seen it on TV, in fact it is the exact T-shirt folding board featured in the Big Bang Theory, and now you can buy the FlipFOLD ® here in Australia and New Zealand. The FlipFOLD ® T-shirt folding board will make such a big difference in organising clutter. Redo your messy wardrobes and overstuffed drawers into the organised fashion you’ve always wanted. In fact, it does more than just fold T-shirts, you will be amazed at how it folds your pants, shorts, skirts, and even towels and sheets!

The FlipFOLD is the genuine and original article, manufactured and shipped from the USA (not China).

The Adult FlipFOLD ® will fold everything to a consistent 23cm x 31cm, suitable for most adult clothing.

We recommend a Junior FlipFOLD for Childrens or Womens clothing sized 6 to 8.


The overall size of the Adult FlipFOLD ® (when fully opened) is: 60cm long x 72cm wide.

If the thought of folding all your laundry each week is just too much to bear then you need the FlipFOLD ®, the amazing T-shirt folding board that can fold your clothes to a uniform size in less than 5 seconds. Do you remember the episode from Big Bang Theory where Sheldon was using the T-shirt folding board? Even he loves it!

Flipfold_Big Bank Theory_Zazzy Substitution_Green Apple Organising


This incredible folding system is one of the best selling products on the US Home Shopping Network with well over a million FlipFOLD ® sold in the US alone!

Less wrinkles, Less clutter… More Organised!

The steps are in the name just flip, flip, flip and fold. It’s that simple! Folding laundry will take less time, and you’ll get perfectly folded laundry every time! Use FlipFOLD ® on almost anything. It works on any shirt including folding long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirt folder, folding tank tops, button down shirts and collared shirts.

It’s so easy that you can teach your three year old child to use FlipFOLD ®. And this folding tool has even been husband tested!

The FlipFOLD ®Shirt Folder will maximize storage space. Fold a shirt in less than 5 seconds. The FlipFOLD ® Shirt Folder will even fold all sizes of shirts, pants, towels & sweaters.