The Ultimate Folding Tool

The Australian and New Zealand Home of the Flipfold

If you're buying it anywhere else you're not buying the genuine product.

You’ve seen it on TV, in fact it is the exact T-shirt folding board featured in the Big Bang Theory, and now you can buy the FlipFOLD ® here in Australia and New Zealand. The FlipFOLD ® T-shirt folding board will make such a big difference in organising clutter. Redo your messy wardrobes and overstuffed drawers into the organised fashion you’ve always wanted.  In fact, it does more than just fold T-shirts, you will be amazed at how it folds your pants, shorts, skirts, and even towels and sheets!

The FlipFOLD is the genuine and original article, manufactured and shipped from the USA (not China).

If the thought of folding all your laundry each week is just too much to bear then you need the FlipFOLD®, the amazing folding tool that can fold your clothes to a uniform size in less than 5 seconds.  Even Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” loves it!

This incredible folding system is one of the best selling products on the US Home Shopping Network with well over a million FlipFOLD® sold in the US alone!